Joseph Wm Schwarz, CFA

Joseph Wm Schwarz, CFA

Founding Principal | CFA® charterholder

I understand that your wealth is more than just a number. It’s what will help you achieve the important things to you in your life. It’s your freedom, your family’s future, your security. I specialize in what it takes to build and preserve your hard-earned wealth.

I work with couples, individuals, and families in the years leading up to and into retirement. During your 60's, you will be faced with arguably the most important financial decisions of your life. You will go from the comfort of your highest income earning years and saving aggressively, to figuring out how to replicate that lifestyle from your nest egg, incorporating Medicare and Social Security, all while keeping the feeling that you won't run out of money in the next 30 years.

As a CFA® charterholder and a founding principal of SCHWARZ DYGOS WHEELER INVESTMENT ADVISORS LLC, with over 25 years of financial planning and investment experience, I am in the perfect position to help my clients achieve their financial goals. I have experience from the two major market corrections in the past 20 years, yet I'm early enough in my career that I’ll still be helping my clients for the next 20 years.

In 2013, my wife Andrea and I became the proud parents of twins, Emily and Eric. They are amazing! In our personal time, we enjoy all sorts of traveling, whether it be "Up-North" in Minnesota, visiting family in Florida, or visiting relatives in Austria. I have a passion for exploring the world of wine, with my favorites being the sub-regions within Spain, Italy, and France.

I received my Economics degree from the University of Minnesota and hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. I am a prior Board Member and still active with Kaposia, an amazing Minnesota non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment.