Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Technically speaking, a Fee-Only financial planner works through a Registered Investment Advisory firm. They must, at all times, act in a fiduciary capacity and they do not accept any forms of commissions or kickbacks from financial institutions. Any compensation that the Fee-Only advisor receives comes directly from the client for the services & expertise provided.

As Fee-Only investment advisors, our clients’ best interests always come first. We’ve structured SDW Investment Advisors around how we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes. We’d want transparency. We’d want clarity. And we’d want to know that as a client, our financial advisor always had our best interests in mind. 

And so, we backed away from the traditional way of doing things in our industry, where products are sold and commissions are collected. We realized that the only way to be fully independent and fully accountable to our clients was by removing the inherent conflicts-of-interest that commissions present. 

By being paid directly by our clients, and not by a parent company, we remain accountable solely to our clients and are able to act in their best interests without exception.

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